Are you looking for digital tachograph software?

Do you want a simple, effective solution which allows you to download driver cards and instantly allows you to see the the data, a driver infringement summary and all relevant data to remain compliant ?

We have the solution for you and the best thing about it is, it’s FREE!

Yes that’s right I said it’s FREE!

We are a leading tachograph analysis bureau and have been in this industry for nearly 30 years now. We started in 1985 when tachographs were made mandatory throughout the EEC.

During that time we have seen many changes to the industry and regulations and as an analysis bureau we have always kept up with the latest technologies.

This is where we can help you with digital tachograph software so keep reading

In 2012 we developed a new software package to help our team of analysts check the data from digital tachograph cards and provide our clients with accurate reports. This software has been a fantastic success allowing us to increase productivity, deliver highly accurate reports which not only help our clients to remain compliant but also improve their driver productivity and fleet utilisation too.

Anyway enough about us. You are here for Digital Tachograph Software

And that’s exactly what we can give you.

We are currently developing a brand new web application that will allow you to have direct access to our software through the internet. The system is currently being developed and tested right now and the launch is planned for December 2014.

So for a limited time only we are offering a FREE account for LIFE to anyone that registers an interest in the program by signing up below.

Simply enter your name and email address to claim your FREE account when the system goes live in January.

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Free account for Life

So what will you get with our digital tachograph software

As I mentioned before the software is driven by our proven tachograph analysis program which is currently being used in house by our analysts for clients operating all over Europe.

Your Free account will allow you to:

  • Download and store all digital data from both the digital tachograph card and the vehicle unit in order to comply with the regulations
  • View activity for each record live on the screen as soon as you download the driver card
  • See an instant driver infringement summary for each record allowing you to monitor compliance
  • Access archived records for up to 24 months instantly (with older data available within 24 hours)
  • Get analysis reports such as 7 day duty analysis, full infringement reports, driver infringement letters, working time directive reports, mileage reports and more.
  • Store all of your records on our secure servers ensuring you are compliant with the regulations.

Get all of this for FREE and never pay for digital tachograph software again

To register your interest and claim a FREE account when the system goes live in March enter your name and email address in the form below.

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Get a FREE account for life!

Finally before you go I just wanted to tell you why you should choose our digital tachograph software

There are three main reasons that you should choose our software over any other software on the market.

It works – Sounds stupid I know but most of the digital tachograph software on the market today doesn’t work correctly. There are so many variables to consider that a computer program can’t always get it right and that’s why we still employ skilled analysts to check the reports generated by the software allowing us to offer you verified reports which have been checked by a real person.

Anytime Anywhere – Our software is not tied to one computer in the office, this is a web based application that allows you to login and check your data from any internet ready device including smartphones and tablets.

Did I mention it is FREE – We will of course be charging for this system (everybody has to eat) however we are giving away a limited number of FREE accounts for anyone who signs up early enough. Currently we are planning to allow up to 250 accounts to have lifetime access for FREE so act fast and get your name down on the pre launch VIP list.

If you haven’t already done so sign up now and we will keep you updated on the progress of the software over the next few weeks.

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Free account for Life